Selfie on the airplane may be banned: DGCA


According to the news sources, in the coming time the photography in the airplane may be banned. According to DGCA because of the use of smartphones mostly passengers used to take selfies near the airplane or in the cockpit. Not even that the Pilots and air hostesses and crew members also seen taking selfies in the aero plane. It is a problematic thing for the aeroplane business.

If such type of problems continued, maybe photography in aeroplanes and its nearby premises maybe banned. DGCA is working on the process for controlling the photography in airport premises and within the flight. It is possible that very soon there will be rules and regulations for photography in aeroplanes.

According to NBT some Pilots of Indigo Airlines have been caught taking photographs with their families in the aeroplane. So that DGCA is very serious about this problem maybe within the next week the notice will come then the photography lovers will be disappointed.

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