Movies not to watch in front of your parents

Movies not to watch in front of your parents


The first one is Unfreedom. It is about a lesbian relationship among two girls. It has also included Islamic terrorism aspects. This film has been censored and it has got the permission of release in few states of India this year.


All of you must have listen about this movie. This movie is made on ancient time when the kings and Queens learn the art of bodily relationships or how to sex. Mira Nair, the director has made the movie beautifully but unfortunately it was censored by the Censor Board because of having  immoral and irrelevant scenes.


Third one is ‘water’. This movie featured John Abraham and Lisa Ray. The movie portrays the life of widows in India. This movie was banned in India because of several issues that can raise anger in Indian society.


The forth movie in this list is ‘Gandu’. This movie came into highlight as it was banned in several cities because of its explicit sex scenes and use of drugs in the movie. This is a black and white Bengali movie. But story wise it is a movie to be watched.


Next is ‘Firaaq’. This movie had got good reviews in India but it was banned due to the presentation of Hindu – Muslim riots that happened in Gujarat.


The movie Sins has also get many oppositions in its release because it has presented a story of a Keralian Catholic priest who involved with sex relationship with a woman. It is a story of his struggle. Not only the Censor Board but also the Catholic community raised opposition against the release of this movie.


Shabana Azmi featured movie’Fire’ set fire in many theaters on its release. With the story of lesbian relationship among two sisters in laws this movie was the main topic of critics in censor board.

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