If you wish that your wife look beautiful forever, these steps are for you


 image via: Act Like A Man

When you get married to a girl of your dreams she becomes your wife. She is your dream girl, beautiful, gorgeous, innocent, soft spoken and caring. You must have thought about these qualities in your wife before the beginning of your married life. The same happens with you, your wife looks so beautiful and graceful. She takes care of you, pores all her love on you but as the time passes on several changes occur. Family responsibilities, children and financial problems steal all this from your life. But don’t get disappointed, your wife will look beautiful to you always if you follow some easy tips given below. If you follow these points in your life you will be happy with your wife and she will be happy with you.

  1. Share your feelings what you think for her – Sharing feelings is the secret of happy married life, but these feelings will be positive.
  2. You must encourage her always – Whatever she do at home, what she do for your children and family and as well as for you is eligible for praise. You must encourage her to do that, say thanks for her love and care. Maybe she has not done very well but if you encourage her at present she will be better in future. It makes her happy and if a girl is happy then she live beautifully.
  3. Give her some free time – after her tiring session of work gives her some time to spend for herself. As you know the women love to hang out for shopping, watching movies and chat with her friends. You must not her stop by doing this. All the time she is with busy with the household works or with her job. So she need some free time, so she can admire herself.
  4. Give her a reasonable amount to spend – the wife has to look after all the family needs. May be you are the only earner of the family but the wife is the member of the family who manages your expenditure. So you should provide her a appropriate amount of money for households as well as for her beauty care. The girls also want to look beautiful mainly the woman who has crossed 30 years.
  5. Play the leadership emotionally, spiritually and physically – You are a man, so take this role at home also. If all the burden of households comes on the shoulders of your wife it will look upon her face. It’s not her duty to lead, it’s yours. So come up as a man and lead her and your family.


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