3 family drama – must seen


You must be watching television many programs. Sometimes you feel boring and unbearable. These programs seem to be bored because they don’t have any relation with the reality. The demand of today is the TV serial should have any message that gives you inspiration to make your life happy and easy to live. Here we are mentioning some valuable watch on TV serials that you must watch:

  1.  The first one is “
    kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” this program has been telecast on Sony Entertainment Television in the evening. It is story of a business man named Dev who loves his mother’s nutritionist, Sonakshi Bose but her mother does not like his son’s choice. She force his son to forget Sonakshi. Dev has to do so for her mother. This is the reality of Indian families. In most of the families the young generation has to sacrifice their love due to their parents opposition.
  2.  The second telecasted program which must be watch is “Ek Rishta sajhedari ka”. In this serial Ajay and Shanchi are knotted together. they don’t love each other before her marriage but after marriage they fall in love with each other. This serial shows the feelings of the arranged married couples. This show presents relationships in two families after marriage.

This serial is “Fatmagul” which is telecasted on Zindagi. It is a Turkish drama based on a novel. This program is gaining a great popularity in Indian television.  There is a girl named Fatmagul she lived in village, who was gang raped. This girl was so innocent but after this accident her life totally changed. She become courageous woman and fought for her justice. This type of TV serials shows that the girls should raise their voice against the crime. They should not keep silence.

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